Awards Process: How We Select the Best


Nominations can be made by anyone, but they must be supported by evidence. The research committee reviews all nominations and selects a shortlist of candidates.

Data Request

The nominated companies and persons are requested to provide data that supports their nomination. This data may include information about their impact, their innovation, or their leadership.

Data Vetting

A technically competent committee vets the data submitted by the nominated companies and persons. The committee ensures that the data is accurate and complete.

Report Writing

The research committee writes a report that summarizes the findings of the data vetting process. The report includes a recommendation for the winner of the award.

Awarding Board

The awarding board is responsible for selecting the winners of the awards. The board consists of a panel of experts who are familiar with the field of the award.

Public Voting

In some cases, the public is allowed to vote for the winners of the awards. This is usually done for awards that are open to the general public.

Winner Announcement

The winners of the awards are announced at an awards ceremony. The ceremony is usually held in a public place and is open to the general public.

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