Nominees of the 2023 Humanitarian Awards Global to be unveiled

14th Jul 2023 - Wdordoe


Nominees of the 2023  Humanitarian Awards Global to be unveiled

On 1st May  2023, nominations was announced to celebrate and recognize Change Makers, NGOs, volunteers, leaders, donors, organizations, philanthropists, corporations and professionals in advancing the important humanitarian work and making a difference in the lives of people  and its stakeholders to submit accolade-deserving works between the 1st of January and 31st December of 2022. 

By 1st June, the humanitarian industry had responded resoundingly with thousands of entries. 

The Humanitarian Award Global board and the research team, have been at work, rigorously sifting through, meticulously reviewing and carefully analyzing over thousand submissions; a verdict has been reached and a list is ready for unveiling.

Approximately 8 weeks after entry submissions closed, the Humanitarian Awards Global is set to make the BIG ANNOUCEMENT. On Tuesday the 1st of August 2023, the unveil of Nominees will happen on all HAG affiliate stations. It will also be available online via a number of Social Media handles, and blog portals.

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