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Humanitarian Awards Global exists to identify, honour and celebrate a cross-section of change makers, volunteer leaders, donors, organizations, philanthropists, corporations, social impact companies, and professionals in advancing the great work of charities each day. We honour and celebrate the incredible contributions of time, resources, leadership, and financial support made by organisations and individuals who inspire generosity and giving.

Theme: Celebrating Change Makers.


Aim of Humanitarian Awards Global 2022

❖ To recognise and celebrate humanitarians who demonstrate or impact individuals or society through exceptional leadership.
❖ To honor the outstanding individuals involved in the various fields of charity and humanitarian work.
❖ To celebrate the distinguished contributions of organisations towards social development.
❖ To provide formal recognition and showcase those providing valuable contributions to humanitarian work globally.
❖ To promote the development of best practices and high standards.
❖ The awards lie in the opportunity for charitable organisations to tell their stories and spread awareness for their courses.
❖ To create a common interactive medium towards identifying and challenging prevailing issues.


Change Makers Summit.

The Humanitarian Awards Global Summit is an educational and networking event for shortlisted nominees. It is expected to gather over 200 Humanitarians, Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, and Chief Executives. The Summit offers participants a one-day retreat in order to gain new perspective on their businesses. It also serves as a networking event for the industry's present and future leaders. Attendees will have a full day session with renowned strategic business discussions.

The conference aims at putting the spotlight on these humanitarian achievers by building a strong platform and giving them prudent opportunities to the next generation of industry in building the positive attitude to strive for excellence.



This one-day summit brings humanitarians and entrepreneurial leaders from all sectors focused on expanding the knowledge, issues, activities, businesses, and possible solutions in recent years. In addition, these leaders are entrenched in initiatives aimed at improving, changing a situation, or being great role models for others.


The following is a brief list of activities associated with the award:

❖ Official opening and attendance of award by Mayor of Luton
❖ Live performance with multi-cultural music and dances, fashion parade.
❖ Food stalls
❖ Travel and Tourism promotion stalls
❖ Exhibition of arts and crafts, photographs and paintings
❖ Handicraft and other trade promotion Stalls
❖ Sponsors stands to promote their product and services
❖ Other fun and entertainment activities


Media Partnership Opportunity:

This partnership is an opportunity to be part of a grand event organised in Ghana. The event will be held right in a prime venue at splash Labadi Beach Hotel, right in the heart of Accra, Ghana.

Media partnership will get an opportunity to promote and expose your brand, product, and services to the number of guests and nominees at this unique event at a relatively low cost compared to other promotional activities. And, we will ensure that all our media partners get the maximum value out of their contribution to the award. And in return, we want to have increased promotion and coverage of our event through you.

Benefits oMedia Partnership:

Being a media partner of this event will create a tremendous opportunity for you to be recognised in the diverse communities in Luton. The following is a brief list of direct benefits to our media partners:

❖ Association with an event of community importance
❖ Reaching out to change makers spread across Ghana and around the Globe.
❖ Opportunity to showcase/expose your presence in community journalism
❖ Publicity through electronic and print media. Your logo will appear in:
✓ Posters/flyers.
✓ Any other publicity material used for this event.

Dou you have any special requirements?

As a media partner, we understand that your partnership requirement might be different from what we have on offer. If you have any special need or requirements regarding your partnership or promoting yourself at the award, we are happy to discuss further to accommodate them.


Responsibilities of the Media Partners:

The following are our key expectations from our media partners:

Online Media:

❖ Put a Humanitarian Award Global flyerson your website with the link to
❖ Put an award poster on your website
❖ Publish news/articles leading up to the award
❖ Give coverage to Humanitarian Award Global in articles, news, and blogs


              Print Media:

❖ Put a full-page or reasonable size ad in your newspaper publications at least two (2) times 
❖ Put a Humanitarian Award Global banner on your website with the link tothe
❖ Cover the news/articles leading up to the award
❖ Coverage of Humanitarian Award Global event and its related publications.


❖ Announce Humanitarian Award Globalad on air
❖ Cover Humanitarian Award Global news leading to the awards night
❖ Coverage of Humanitarian Award Global 2022 event
❖ Put a Humanitarian Award Global banner on their social media handles.
❖ Other related awareness to the award.

Accepting this Proposal:

If this proposal seems something you would be interested in, you can accept the offer to become a media partner of the event by sending us an email via or

You can contact any of the coordinators listed below with the following details.

❖ Your organisation details: Name, Location, Type of Medium (Online, Radio, Television or Print)
❖ A brief proposal of how you will be promoting our event, and
❖ Special Requirement (if any).

Media Coverage othe Event:

Although we will be very happy and excited to have you as a media partner, and mutually promote each other, we understand that our event profile might not exactly match with your requirements. In such case, we invite you to come and cover the event for your media and help us to publicize our event and encourage our tireless planning team.

Contact Details

If you have any queries in relation to our proposal,please contact us on the details below or send an email to: or



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