H.E Dr Ameena Ali

Position: Board Member - HAG

Bio: Dr. Ameena Ali, ND, Ph.D., G.A.L.-MR, CD-B/P, VLM

Cis Woman (She, Her, Hers)

Director Women Empowerment & Development - United Nations (ECOSOC) Special Consultative Status - North Citizen Community Board (NCCB) - International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)

Deputy Member of Parliament - African Union Representational Mission to the United States - African Diaspora State Initiative

Founder, G.R.R.A.C.E.E. (Gestational & Reproductive Resource Alliance for Education and Empowerment) - Women's Wellness Education, Trauma/Crisis Support and Doula Support and Education (GRRACEE National Doula Academy)

US Representative - 2019 International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA.org)

Emmissary/Special Envoy - Global Goodwill Ambassadors of the Republic of The Gambia - Rural Maternal Health Initiatives for Indigenous Tribal Women Native to the Republic of The Gambia (The Republic of The Gambia, West Africa)

President-Elect - Rotary Club International (eRotary District 7090 - New York)

Co-Founder/Board VP, The Zaid Ibn Harith Islamic Center (New York, NY and Atlanta, GA)

Diplomat - Deputy Member of Parliament for the African Union Representational Mission to the United States - African Union 6th Region USA (AU6RUSA) - African Diaspora Initiative. Her program is an evidence based, Birth/Newborn care, Postpartum wellness and Mental Health education, instruction and tribal studies, will partner with domestic programs and international world projects, to amass a formula for continuous monitoring and relief of Rural Maternal Mental Health and physical wellness, reducing the current Infant-Maternal Mortality and Morbidity rate!

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