Ayuba abubakar

Position: Research Officer

Bio: Ayuba abubakar has over three years of experience in the road construction sector specifically focusing on engineering survey and Geographic information systems . He is a higly committed individual with over two years experience in volunteering and community development . He is a Proud fellow of the young African leaders initiative ( Yali Rlc West africa) and a former world literacy foundation ambassador for Ghana. Ayuba has verifiable leadership skills and currently serves as the coordinator for job, skills and employment action group of the inter religious commonwealth youth alliance ( IRCYA -UK).He is also a member of the United people global, United States institute of peace, we54 African leaders and a united nation volunteer .Ayuba holds a bachelor degree in Geomatic engineering from the kwame nkrumah University of science and technology.Ayuba is committed to humanitarian action and community development and one day hope's to empower youths and alleviate poverty in Africa.

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