Fullname: Daniel Akanpegna Baba

Category: Young Philanthropist of The Year

Code: 1598

Nominee's Bio: He is the founder of the glorious foundation in the northern part of Ghana. And he is always on the street and deprived areas, donating and also providing free medical care for the less privilege. He was award at the first ever national youth awards for his massive support to the street kids in 2020 during the hard times of COVID 19. He provided nose masks and also hand sanitizers for those who couldn’t afford at that time. And he has a project he does every year called SUPPORT A SMILE. he does it twice a year. Mid year and at the end. Every mid year, he goes to the deprived villages and provide medical screening for the poor pregnant mothers, clothes soaps, diapers and also food. And at the end of the year, he has a project called, December 4 the kids. He organize party for the kids on the street, donate some items to them and also teach their mothers some skills to make some income out of this. For more info, you can check his social media platform @ Danny Troy amg.

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