Fullname: Blessing Esinam Abundance

Category: Social Entrepreneurship Award

Code: 2662

Nominee's Bio: Abundance Esinam Blessing is a young business woman who ventured into the hair and beauty industry at an early age. She is the owner and CEO of the renowned “Beetiful Classics”. Blessing is currently in her first year at the university of Professional Studies (UPSA), reading Public Relations. Her love for hair making was discovered at an early age where she makes hair for few family and friends at no cost. She decided to go into full business in 2019 after her high school completion and since then, building up her business into a known brand. She is the director of a foundation called Cleverfound and has played a major role in supporting students from rural areas have some basics needs to help their growth in learning. As a teenager, she learnt a lot from both her business and private life, thus given her an amount of great experience to manage herself and business. AB, affectionately called by her friends is a reserved and brilliant personal both in private life and business relations. She intends to build a household brand with her business and produce affordable but quality products to suit anyone of any background, be it African, American, Man, Woman and so forth. Blessing loves music and dance as hobbies. She enjoys reading as well.

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