Fullname: Afena-Atta Rudolf

Category: Child Education

Code: 2999

Nominee's Bio: Afena-Atta Rudolf is a passion driven changemaker, a social entrepreneur, a humanist and a Pan Africanist who wants to make a huge impact in the lives if African youths. He is the founder of RAISED Initiatives - an all African organization designed to build an empowered, progressive and peaceful Africa through every positives means majorly through child education. He is the founder and CEO of attaMan Group - a social enterprise with three sub companies mainly into education, agriculture and fashion. His leadership roles include Impact Summit National Director, Programs Director for Ghana Tertiary Minds, Campus Director for Millennium Campus Network, KNUST. He's recently launched a mentorship program for students at the basic and JHS school level through his RAISED Initiatives organization. He seeks to improve child eduaction through the mentorship program.

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