Category: Child Education

Code: 4024

Nominee's Bio: Charity Z Foundation is a nonprofit organization established under the company’s code of Ghana to help eradicate poverty through quality education for all, focusing on the less privileged schools and communities. CharityZ started as a small charity group on campus (University of Professional Studies, Accra) and later registered as an NGO to for- malize our operations. Jonathan Machator is the brain behind Charity Z, but he always gives the major credit to his ‘all supporting’ founding members who have sailed through with him till now. They support all the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but they believe that when both the rich and the poor get access to quality education, all the other goals can be achieved easily. In their bid to extend quality education to all, they came up with projects geared toward quality education for all, focusing on deprived communities in Ghana. They mobilize educational materials like books, and stationaries, and other educational materials that aid in effective education. Since their incorporation till now they have been able to get various projects (two every year) done with the help of their internally generated funds (mostly members contributions). They have been able to get projects done in the northern region (Bimbilla, Napka), Oti Region ( Dambai), Eastern Region ( Nuaso) and the other numerous projects in the Greater Accra Region.

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