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Nominee's Bio: Festus Cobena Ainoo is a final year student of the University of Cape Coast and University of the People reading a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (ARTS- History & Religion and Human Values) and an Associate Degree in Business Administration respectively. He's a leader poised in leadership, mentoring creativity, writing, and entrepreneurship. Festus has served in many leadership roles both local and international. To mention a few, Festus is currently serving as an Official Global Students' Ambassador to University of People (UoPeople) and Admissions Advisor as well as Public Relations Office to University of the People Ghana Community. (US/American Accredited Online Tuition-Free University) where he has abetted 222 students to have access to Quality Tuition-Free Online University Education through his Educate Ghana Project. Festus Cobena Ainoo has served as a student activist for students of the University of Cape Coast, He served as Organizer for the Religion Students Association of Ghana, currently the President of all Religion Students Association of Ghana, and President of RESAG-UCC. He is also serving as the Lead Ambassador for Africa’s Forum for Development, Ghana, and Ambassador to Power to Our Mothers Foundation Africa, he's a United Nations Millennium Fellowship graduate class 2020, and International Model United Nations Campus Ambassador. He is the founder of the United Nations Students Association of the University of Cape Coast which won the National Students Awards Best Campus Group of the year 2020. He also served as President and Secretary-General for the 2019/2020 Academic year.

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