Fullname: Gail Motloung

Category: Best Social Entrepreneur of The Year

Code: 4791

Nominee's Bio: Gail Motloung is a transformational speaker, publisher and an author. She is the managing director at House of Yadah Publications and has written several books, including Believe You Can, Born for a Greater Purpose Journal, Daddy, I'm Yours... and Self Development Guide. She is also the founder of "Girl with a Purpose Foundation", a South African non-profit organisation that aims to empower, equip and inspire young women. Gail is a social entrepreneur and a member of the International Leadership Association, A Mandela Washington Fellow Alumna and a TV show host/Producer. She is a recipient of a number of Awards namely, 2016 Esther Woman In The Kingdom Award, a 2019 True Shine Award winner, a 2020 Women of Stature Award, 2020 Extraordinary Women Award, 2021 African Authors Award, 2021 South African Heroine Award and 100 most distinguished women in Africa Award 2021. Her motto in life: If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.

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