Fullname: Sri Nihal Tammana

Category: Young Philanthropist of The Year

Code: 5175

Nominee's Bio: Nihal a 12-year-old, is passionate about protecting the environment. When he was 10 years old, he started to learn about how batteries can cause a great deal of environmental damage through pollution and by causing fires in landfills. He realized that he, and almost everyone on earth, was contributing to this problem, often without even knowing it. He decided to do something to make a difference, so he started a nonprofit organization to help. He began to undertake extensive research, first by reading everything he could online, then by conducting door-to-door research with local people and businesses. He discovered that most people don’t know enough about battery recycling, so he decided to do what he could to help. Nihal’s solution was to start an organization called ‘Recycle My Battery’, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting and facilitating proper battery disposal. The organization installs free-to-use battery bins and runs large-scale education campaigns for adults and young people across the USA and is gradually expanding to other countries including India, UAE, Switzerland, and Canada, among others.

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