Fullname: Abha Sharma

Category: Best SDG 2 advocate of the year

Code: 6358

Nominee's Bio: Abha has over 26 years of experience in managing large scale multi-sectoral health and nutrition/food programs in the developmental sector for organizations including UNICEF, USAID, WORLD BANK, CARE, NOREC, BMZ, WHH, GIZ, and PwC. During this period she has extensively implemented and monitored projects for addressing issues related to food policy & security including health, healthcare & malnutrition, women & child and education. While closely working with the communities, implementing partners and stakeholders Abha has conducted training need assessment & believe capacity building, study methodology research instruments, program planning, budgeting, qualitative monitoring and management are some of her strengths. With a focus on community needs, Abha's work transcends legal, structural, and cultural boundaries. She includes evidence-based good practices and approaches to maximize the project/program efficiency, synchronize and leverage with other opportunities, extensive use of data for decision-making purposes to strengthen the outcomes and accord priority to developing sunset strategies with sustainable systems. Through her periodical monitoring she provides objective inputs to the implementing agencies with a menu of options for improvement.

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