Fullname: Naa Kuorkor Mayne-Eghan

Category: Community Child Protection

Code: 8053

Nominee's Bio: Naa Kuorkor Mayne-Eghan was a Corporate Relationship Manager/ Banking Officer with Cal Bank for over 8 years and currently the CEO of a Financial and Marketing consultancy, Korghan Limited. She is also the CEO of Lingerie Picante. She's an old girl of Wey Gey Hey, has a Graduate Degree in Social Sciences from KNUST, a Masters Degree in Finance from GIMPA. A mother of two, and ‘Mummy’ to all, with personal premature birth and preterm babies experience; prefers to channel her ‘calling’ to help make others going through the same experience happy and less traumatized. She is Lead and Founder of the Jay Foundation. She’s been amazing with the Jay Foundation and her passion has put smiles on the faces of many families while their preterm babies survive and thrive.

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