Fullname: Md. Muhtasim Abshad

Category: Outstanding Volunteer Group

Code: 8752

Nominee's Bio: The volunteer intended to be a small part. When I was in Class Seven joined Red Crescent Society at Rangpur Unit. The workshops have been associated with their various activities long. Honestly, there is a wish to be one of myself that I will do something for the country. Besides, various times are working with the volunteer organizations, this makes me more inspiring. I had a wish to make a volunteer like this. On December 2018, a little sister, Suddenly, gave a message that was disabled at the mother Super Market, none of her had to help her? I've been talking to two of my three friends, when I got a lot in mind, and I can all work together and together, which is always a platform that is unacceptable to stand by these helpless opportunities people. The march started with all this, the organization that is "Cholo Swpno Chui". We first met in Pahela Baishakh last year, with 30 members of our first meeting, distributing 67 scattered children, new clothes, lunch food. Then in December, some Winter distributed in Hafezia Madrasa, Cholo Swpno Chui from the knife. Don't do this virus, recently From the first place of the situation, we have been able to deliver 10-15 days food to more than 2500 families in different areas of the “Let's Dream Going” organization. And when this helpless man told us to help them, we went on to them. Many middle-class families are unable to hand in this situation, and they can't get their hands on it. But these people are in secret by the means of "Cholo Swpno Chui" Sometimes or money. We never stopped taking blood to save the lives of the helpless patients. We have also regularly sprayed out in some 17 areas of the city to raise awareness about people. Cholo Swpno Chui, set awareness posters around various places, walls, walls, safety issues in front of institutions. Furthermore, the whole new city has reached 1500 Ramadan in the month of Ramadan to spread the flavor of rickshaws, including rickshaw drivers, street child, every day across the city, to share the flavour of 1500 royals with 1500 royals across the month of Ramadan. Also, we are distributing relief, free masks, Hand Was, Sannetary Napkins to make self-serving citizens self-sufficient selimeshin, laughing and distributing helpless people with distributing relief. The country is not in the situation, and my warriors. Cholo Swpno Chui of a dream come from the frontline of line to give me the cowardice of my cowardice :) One organization is a dream of many people, and I always want to work for that dream. Contact: 01774442998 Email: Facebook:

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