Fullname: Rhoda Kadoa Wedam

Category: Best SDG5 Advocate of The Year

Code: 8991

Nominee's Bio: Wedam Kadoa Rhoda is the Founder and CEO of the Song-Ba Empowerment Centre at age 26. She focuses on supporting women/girls without formal education who travel to urban cities as head porters (Kayayo) to identify decent sources of livelihood through her organization where they are trained in various skills that pay them while still training. Her organization also provides rural girls with sustainable menstrual hygiene training and reusable sanitary pads that help them manage their menses while in school. Through her projects, she has empowered 10 girls who are currently masters on their own in weaving of smocks and sewing,40 girls currently in training and has provided over 14,000 girls with the Days for Girls Reusable Sanitary Pads she produces at her Centre. She has also created a savings and loans scheme that encourages the women to save and acquire loans. Rhoda has worked with the Children Believe Organization where she worked as a project office that led the implementation of the CCFC/PROMISE Project in the Savelugu Municipality. The project provided support to reduce infant and maternal mortality in the Municipality. Rhoda has also worked with the Migrant Media Network Project which was implemented by R0G Agency which seeks to foster an informed decision-making process regarding migration to Europe by creating awareness on migration issues & social media sensitization among the youth in the Northern Region. Rhoda also in 2018, led a team of Ideal Life Vision Coaches who organised school clubs and seminars that provided goal setting training which provided them with the skills in writing up their own ideal life vision.

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