Fullname: Mavis Sackey

Category: Best SDG1 Advocate of The Year

Code: 9709

Nominee's Bio: Mavis Sackey is a service personnel and the Project Director for Omama Foundation. She's an Environmentalist, concerned about climate change and renewable energy,women empowerment and the youth. She's an SDG enthusiast and staunch life volunteer. She serves in a number of organisations and doubles as the founder and chief executive officer of Peculiar Women of Substance Foundation. A foundation that's basically into women empowerment and all the various Sustainable Developmental Goals. She plan to become a Lawyer, business guru and a Women’s advocate. It's her dream is to be a woman many women and men Will look up to in this capricious era. She is a Motivational speaker, writer, life coah and a staunch Christian Her personal mantra is "if dirty Water Can Quench Fire,then we don't need fat accounts to make impact.

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